“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build connections between our clients and their potential customer base by creating a standard of excellence and providing top notch service while, fostering our teams’ growth through a rewarding and progressive environment.

The growth of our team members is our highest priority. We are passionate about delivering quality and results. TD Promotions values teamwork within our agency and strive for good partnerships across all platforms.

-We believe in sustainability, starting with our own offices and divisions.

-We believe in fostering creativity and entrepreneurial spirit daily.

-We believe in performance not politics.

Create a Strategy for Your Advertising Content with TD Promotions

The creation of interesting, unforgettable content is one of the elements of any great marketing strategy. However, before creating any content, we at TD Promotions suggest that it’s important to have an engagement strategy. Simply put, this type of plan will do three things:

• Identify the audience at which your content is aimed;

• Define the way in which the content will help your ideal consumer connect with your brand; and

• Determine what worth the content is supposed to provide.

In other words, any strategy that is designed to create engaging content will insist that the content is personalized, that it clarifies how the product or service is relevant, and that it elucidates the value being offered.

To make the process of strategizing down-to-earth, we suggest using the words get, to, and by. Any solid approach to content creation will get a clearly-defined collection of people to do what they want in a way that pleases them and also involves your brand by showing them how what you have to recommend will enhance the way they live.

This approach may seem straightforward, and it is. However, as is often the case, simple does not mean easy. Using this method requires work to know and understand who your core consumers are, how they live, and what you bring to the table in terms of a unique product or service that they shouldn’t want to do without. However, the effort will help you create content that is sure to generate the interest and results you hope for in a marketing initiative.

TD Promotions Explains How to Speak in Public with More Confidence

Giving presentations that are both entertaining and memorable is no easy task, not to mention how challenging that actual act of speaking in public can be. Even for some of us at TD Promotions, public speaking is a dreaded task. Here are some strategies that we have discovered make presentations more manageable and engaging.

First, try not to overwhelm your audience with too much content. While you may have a book’s worth of information to share, it’s extremely difficult for people to retain that much in one sitting. Cover everything you need to cover, but make sure that only one or two of the most valuable points are fully explored.

Next, consider creating a workshop or group project. You will engage your audience members more fully than by simply presenting material, and they will retain more through the process of active learning. As an added bonus, your talk will turn into a networking opportunity as well.

Finally, assign a take-home project. Doing so is a way of ensuring that the value you have provided does not begin and end with your presence, but continues to be an influence in the lives of those who heard you speak. Not only will you reinforce your key points, but you will have increased the impact of your personal influence as well.

While these suggestions will not directly impact any pre-speech jitters you may experience, knowing that you will present the most important information in an innovative, appealing, and lasting way will certainly provide some peace of mind.